Film wedding Photographer

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Why Film Wedding Photographer?

I started wanting to become a film wedding photographer after a long reflection: The family heritage that I want to leave to the soulmates I meet. The silver rendering leaves a “trace”. We don’t feel things as intensely as in film photography. Being a wedding photographer is for me a mission that connects soulmates in the depths of their hearts through their senses. The film photography awakens her senses in my opinion, she transports through her textures, her softness, her aesthetics (a workshop followed by Michael Ferire, was a revelation for me).

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 Film photography vs digital, what is the best ?

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In all honesty, there is no absolute truth about this subject. Photography must, for me, accompany its user to awaken their senses. The sight and the touch when you have the photo printed near either, but also to awaken a sense, like hearing or taste when the image is observed. In my opinion, digital photography has become the result of calculation, making it possible to obtain an indisputable efficiency, but losing on the way the essence of the photo: its emotional charge.

Why be seduced by the film for the wedding ?

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Because the rendering has a stronger link with reality. As I said above, the silver image has the status of a trace. Why make such a beautiful day, if not to leave a trace, this emotional heritage of which I speak so much? You don’t feel that strongly with digital. When money reacts to light, everything becomes clear …

Live above all

couple de marié qui se prend dans les bras

In digital, I look more easily at the screen of the device to see the rendering while in film, I live. A film wedding photographer becomes a friend. I’m convinced that making portraits in film brought me closer to people.

The Medium format for the Argentic or Fine Art wedding photographer

What determines the choice of a photographer is “the effect” that he will bring or suggest in his images: dark, bright etc. The medium format is an overpriced digital sensor dimension. In film, you can start with very large cases and films. This allows you to quickly find an emotional path. The “traditional 24×36” format is limited. A medium format allows to find all this emotional charge, this is impressive in the difference and this is the choice I made as a wedding photographer.

What is Fine Art?

Today, a film wedding photographer is called a fine art photographer on wedding blogs. But concretely what is fine art? We justify the style with pastel colors and high brightness. The fine art style also has an emotional editorial approach through its photos, that is to say influenced by fashion and the world of blogging on the internet. It is an approach that I tried and sought through my photos and that I like but; my husbands are not models so today I found a way to bring elegance to the wedding thanks to the editorial influences that inspire me.

A film wedding photographer or a friend?

A photographer should be the one who knows you best among all the providers you hire. With each new meeting, I try to break my shell of reserve and timidity, to be the one who will understand you best. Above all, a photographer must convey an emotion through his photos. A film photographer must give his models a deep adventure.

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If my photos speak to you, if you want to understand and really discover analog photography, send me a message to discuss it, using the contact form.