Château de Varennes wedding

Wedding at château de Varennes with Carley et Ian

Here is a wedding at Château de Varennes that I want to share with you on this beautiful sunny day. The discovery of Château de Varennes greatly pleased me and the welcome by the team of Patricia Tellez the wedding planer responsible for the magnificent wedding of Carley and Ian was exceptional. Château de Varennes is located in the beautiful region of Bourgogne.

Wedding at Dijon and la Bourgogne


Arrived from Paris, it took me only 1h30 to arrive on Dijon. The small town of Dijon is very nice with its museums and atypical lanes, I also share all my adventures and my trips on my account Instagram. I invite you to subscribe, you’ll see we’re laughing well! I regularly share my weddings and adventures (especially adventures!). If you are getting married next year in the region of Dijon, I will be honoured to come back to discover this beautiful region by your side for your wedding day!

Wedding at château de Varennes 

Château de Varennes has been named by CNN and Luxworldwide as one of the top ten venues in the world! I arrived without real apprehension especially I let me discover a place without spoil! And what an impression of space and well being when you arrive on the field! Belonging to the same family for four centuries, it has recently been renovated and today welcomes up to 250 guests! The possibility of also arranging certain spaces can bring even more capacity. The château de Varennes by its elegance and its proximity to large vineyards makes it an exceptional choice for your wedding!

Wedding ceremony at château de varennes

I particularly like wedding ceremonies during a wedding, because these are times when families publicly reveal their love. It’s not always easy to tell yourself I love you, yet it’s an essential thing we all need. Our honeymooners Carley & Ian have chosen a quiet and gentle ceremony with two little words from their friends. Parents will speak during the meal, a great idea that allows for all-day entertainment and sharing between the couple and their loved ones.

Wedding at château de Varennes, a beautiful place

After a beautiful ceremony under the warmth of Bourgogne, let’s go for a cocktail party, this famous moment of relaxation during the wedding. A moment that I particularly appreciate because the guests are more prompt to be photographed, and give me the opportunity to make a portrait of them much more natural.

What I really like during the wedding is being able to blend in with the guests and feel a bit of family. The shots are easy and I like this side “on the spot”, it allows me to vary with my approach more aesthetic and delicate. Contrary to what we can think, I never ask people in photos. I accompany those who have trouble in front of the goal. As a wedding photographer, I must be able to be little present during these cocktail moments but also affirmed when the couple needs to do their couple session. This is also the job of a photographer in the wedding.

The couple session

The château de Varennes and a remarkable place to spend a couple photo session. The beautiful couple Carley and Ian gave me little time to do this session because of weather that became unclear in the middle of the afternoon. At the end of the day that said, a magnificent thinning and a sumptuous sunset will make us enjoy a privileged moment directly from the gardens of the château de Varennes. This will allow us to have incredible photos of our two newlyweds.

Photographer at the château de varennes

If you are looking for a wedding photographer who will accompany you all day in a place he already knows, do not hesitate to contact me with my contact form at the bottom. It is with great joy that I will accompany you in this beautiful place during your wedding and bring you an emotional heritage that suits you. Knowing the place allows me to have some benchmarks and it allows me to further focus on the orientation that the couple wanted to put on his wedding day.


Gentleness is permanent What if love remains Romanticism attracts the wait Of a desire that one tests.

Thank you for taking the time to discover my work. I had a lot of fun sharing this article with you. It is important for me as a wedding photographer to share with you what fascinates me in this particular world. I had the great privilege of being with Carley & Ian during this day, I hope to have the chance to accompany you to you too during a day as elegant and romantic as this beautiful married couple.

Do not hesitate to contact me via the contact form below. I am based in Toulouse and Paris, I travel all over Europe and I hope to meet you soon!