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Hier (Yesterday)

The kid, it was me! It was in a photo booth, and yes, I had hair and now they are glued to the chin! This photo makes me incredibly good to see her again! I am that kind of person ... One who does not want to forget the wonderful moments lived, who would spend evenings telling stories, the one who always has the camera in his hand to look for this kind of unique moment! Photography has this incredible power to make you feel emotions, make you hear a sound, make you hear the voice of your parents tell you:

Aujourd'hui (Today)

My approach to photography made me become the one who wants to capture your memories, and especially your stories, it made me become one who wants to bring into your family a strong emotional heritage. I have this vision that wants to make you happy, who wants to reflect you as you are; just the way you are...

My name is Guillaume.

Demain (Tomorrow)

I am a wedding photographer in the south of France, I travel everywhere around the world … With one goal:

Do not take pictures of yourself, but pictures that speak about you.

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