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If you arrived on this page it is to know who I am. Today as a wedding photographer , I don't think I can say who I really am without talking about my family. Their backgrounds, their lifestyles, make us who we are today. I come from a family of "black feet". Former Spaniards left for Morocco to change their lives, then to Algeria to become French. After the war, they arrived with just a suitcase in France. A long history awaits them in this beautiful country and this history has shaped me in part, I am today someone who loves to travel a lot.

groupe de photo de famille
portrait enfant


I was that little boy ...

KidI was already a dreamer, I was passionate about the stories of Tom Sawyer, far from telling myself that I will become a wedding photographer.

This photo was taken in a photo booth, and yes I had hair before and now it is stuck to the chin! And this photo makes me incredibly good to see it again! I’m this kind of person … The one who does not want to forget the wonderful moments lived, who would spend evenings just telling stories, the one who always has the camera in his hand to search for this kind so unique moment!

Be content with what I already have, go into the mountains and discover how nature shapes our landscapes.

Photography has this incredible power to make you feel emotions, make you re-hear a sound,
make you hear your parents’ voices say:

photo de famille
groupe photo de famille

The family of a wedding photographer

I was raised by my grandmother having had my parents separated very early. You know how it spoils her grandchildren a grandma !? Imagine every day! 😍
One of my best friends was a dog: Roxanne.
Nature has always called me and I have always sought to know it. I've always been looking for something bigger, deeper than this simple routine that we have daily ... The photo was still far from me and the wedding too!
I am the eldest of 5 other sisters and brothers. Do you think it's cool? Yes it is ! We are all different, each with a life path of his own and each with an idea of ​​his own life. For my part, I think I am a very spiritual person, and that, I will explain it to you if we have the chance to meet.

I will not present my sisters and brothers to you in detail but here (beware, they are old now and all grown up!): Catie, the one who does not like being photographed (top right). Jessica (Stylized tomboy) a frank out of the ordinary talk that seems hard at first and which in the background is of deep sensitivity. Mélanie (hands in pockets as if to show her discretion), the one who has always looked for herself in the midst of all these people who are far too noisy and who nevertheless has her place and a busy life! Joaquim (The one who is on the reserve and who nevertheless has no less to say), a big heart and he dares not show it because you all know it and all: A man does not show his feelings! Laura (the one Jo has to endure!), I don't know if Laura has grown up since this photo, in any case it is the innocent of the family, the one who continues to look for her way.

portrait jeune fille noire

Ange mon love !

This wonderful woman who shaped my life a little more

In parallel with this life, another was being built. A life I was going to meet. A life that was shaped for me, a life that I shaped for her. We don’t know what tomorrow will be like. The photograph is there to remind us of what was done yesterday. I like to tell myself that Ange lived in a life opposite to mine so that we can complement each other, that she becomes what she is today, a talented cake designer.

Her past … UNIQUE GIRL! Wow, what luck!
Really ? Would I have been happy if I had been an only child! This life in any case shaped the character of Angel and the image of her first name. She had a calm, happy childhood despite the upheavals of life.

You will find below his universe as a Cake Designer.

couple in japan
couple in japan

I'm now married to the wonderful Ange Danielle, she knew how to encourage me to enter this incredibly exciting profession of wedding photography . Wedding photography is a social profession that connect people together. This work regroup families together, take along the soulmates to realize how lucky they are to be surrounded by a family who loves them. photography of wedding brings a strong emotional heritage, to show his future children, his entourage and the next people who will discover these traces, that love is what counts above all in a lifetime.

I met the one who completes me, who allows me to surpass myself. She loves the world of wedding like me because she is a cake designer . Ange is like me. She complemetes me.

For us wedding is the foundation of the family, there is deep down an ideal that pushes us to move forward. Ange and I are in this direction together, with the same outlook on life, on our faith and on the future that awaits us. We don't look each other in the eye, we look at each other in the same direction. We encourage each other to move in this direction and that is what makes us today what we are.


I'm the photographer who wants to make your values palpable ...

My journey and my approach to photography made me become the one who wants to capture your memories, and especially your stories, she made me become the one who wants to bring into your family a strong emotional heritage.

I have this vision that wants to make you happy, that wants to reflect you as you are

just the way you Are…

My name is Guillaume.

Guillaume en train de boire un café

Photographe de mariage

I travel everywhere in France and mainly in our beautiful capital: Paris .
Paris is for me one of the most beautiful cities in France, so don't hesitate to come back to you if you want to have a great adventure.

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