French Wedding Photographer

At first, before your day arrives, I will get to know you, and your couple. For me, to be a wedding photographer is to capture the soul of your couple. I will send you questionnaires in order to know you up to the border that you will grant me. Photography is for me a tool that shows that true love can not be explained only by words, or gestures, and that love in truth is freedom …

I don’t define myself as a “french wedding photographer“, but rather as a craftsman who uses the photo to shape what he wants to express in the wedding, I use a tool that will speak for you. I want to help you to define your love by using the photo. Love is for me, something indefinable, something that is not defined at least with words; and through which I made it a mission during your beautiful day.

This substance that defines your feelings, I have always done through bright photos. My approach is enveloped by all the sweetness that are pastel colors.

french wedding photographer

“Because he is a photographer with a big heart, a good advisor and passionate about his work.”