cassandra & alexander


Love's dance unfolds bright,
Château whispers in moonlight,
Eternal vows take flight.

Chateau de caumont

south of france


Cassandra and Alexander tied the knot at Château de Caumont, a fairy-tale setting for their celebration. Their joyous union, rich in Alexander's cherished traditions, unfolded amidst close friends. The festive atmosphere echoed with love from both sets of parents, creating cherished moments. This Château de Caumont wedding epitomized elegance and tradition, a joyous blend of cultures and celebrations. The couple's love story, etched against the castle's backdrop, unfolded in a magical day filled with love, laughter, and enduring memories. Explore the enchantment of Château de Caumont weddings, where love and tradition intertwine for a celebration that transcends time.

NeXt Gallery

Photographer : @guillaumegimenezphoto
Venue : @chateaudecaumont
Filmaker : As your Are




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