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Paris Wedding Photographer

in the city of love.

As a Paris Wedding Photographer, I want to present to you above all, my approach in wedding photography. I'm a photographer because I like to write the story of couples with light and my film photography.

A soft light that will allow you to relive your stroll in Paris or your wedding throughout your life. Succeed in getting the closest images of your feelings, the closest to who you are, in the essential places of Paris.
Sincere photos, the challenge is there! Taking a photo is a subjective act which in my opinion should belong to you through my sensitivity. I try to have the look closest to your sensitivity with a bright and gentle approach, because for me the union between a woman and a man is transmitted through this light.

Based in Paris, I travel throughout France. Travel is an integral part of my life. I like to meet couples who live on the other side of the world. Having a wedding anywhere in Europe or in the heart of Paris is for me a unique adventure, the rediscovery of wedding. Taking wedding photos around the world is what I also love as a wedding photographer and traveler.
My job allows me to travel and have this rediscovery every weekend of a new aspect of love between a man and a woman. Thank you for arriving on my site, in my universe!

couple with eiffel tower in background

In Paris an engagement session

What outfit to wear for your engagement session?

Before a wedding day, I suggest you wander around Paris for a French romance.
In Paris the mornings can be cool, a good reason to be closer to your partner and in his arms! I always recommend wearing outfits that you will be comfortable with, but don't forget that this moment is unique! I therefore advise you to wear an elegant outfit first and favor the comfortable afterwards. Paris is the city of romanticism think about it first!

We will define together 2 or 3 essential places in Paris to live an indescribable moment in the magnificent architecture of Parisian.

In addition to the photographer, Paris is home to many talented professionals! I can advise a florist to have a beautiful bouquet and a make-up hair stylist to make you a little beauty! After all it's Paris, be on your 31!

Paris Wedding Photos

Wedding photos in Paris, I have done a lot! Today as a photographer, I want to meet couples across France and Europe. I would like to discover this cultural charm belonging to each region but also this diversity that can be found through couples and their vision of love.
I want to be this wedding photographer who will understand you perfectly with my French accent !

Wedding photos

I present here an extract from my current work. The site is in French because I mainly meet French people but thanks to you, things will change! The portfolio of a wedding photographer is always something special in which he wishes to present to you the very essence of his work. It is therefore important for me to let you discover what I can offer you today on your wedding day.

Parisian Wedding

Paris is for me a romantic city. It's called the city of love for its architecture and its rich cultural history, I think it's also for its good life. Weddings in Paris is always good idea and have a special atmosphere. The wedding photographer that I am, continually tries to capture this atmosphere for more natural photos.

Pricing & packages

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I want to be this wedding photographer who will understand you perfectly with my French accent !

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2 or 3 essential places in Paris to live an indescribable moment in the magnificent architecture of Parisian.

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3 hours for an incredible moment !

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Wedding photos in Paris - Why film photography ?

I'm a wedding photographer in Paris and in Europe, and also a person who likes to tell a story. Just as a painter chooses his brush, I chose film. I would say that the film is the vinyl of the photo. You don't listen to a vinyl like an MP3. The textures, the softness and the unequaled contrasts in film photography comes with my stories today.

Photography is a very special activity in the art world. If we still take the world of wedding at this time, we enter a very specific universe. Having an artistic sense, the day of your wedding means for me, revealing my emotions, my intuition in order to highlight this particular light in your love. This light cannot be digital with digital data, it must be recorded by analog writing. This is where films take its place.
In my opinion what flows from art is really the intention that I want to put in it. Through my sensitivity, I work today to have a luminous photographic rendering.
Wedding is the start of a moment of joy, love and continuity. Wedding photographer Paris, this city and its light led me to this luminous style captured by film.

Film Wedding Photography

The film's render leaves a “trace”. We don't feel things as intensely as in film photography. For me, being a photographer is a mission that connects couples in the depths of their hearts through their senses. Film photography awakens its senses, it transports through its textures, its softness, its aesthetics.

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French Wedding Photographer

I'm Guillaume, you can almost pronounce it like "Guy-Home" ! I'm French wedding photographer, I'm what is called a destination wedding photographer ... Realizing that I was the happy husband in a mixed couple, my wife is from Ivory Coast, my desire to want to travel for couples has become obvious . Today, I travel around France to find this freshness in love and different cultures.
The photo is for me a way to give you the floor without even saying a word. A wedding photographer does not capture smiles but the soul.
Discover my photographic approach, my personality and why I work in film.

Thank you so much !
E: contact@guillaumegimenez.com


Hello Guillaume, my name is and my love's name is I am inquiring about a session. I was referred to you by . You can reach me at or .
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